ESPN Squashes Boob-Off

March 13, 2009

Passed down from Dan Gross of the Philadelphia Daily News, ESPN Corporate had to step in and draw the line when local radio affiliate 950 ESPN kicked off a March Madness promotion featuring 64 local hotties facing off in a bracketed competition.

When ESPN headquarters found out about the competition, run by and promoted by 950, they wasted no time expressing their disapproval and were forced to flex some corporate muscle, ordering the affiliate to kill the promotion.

The blatant condemnation is interesting if you consider how often affiliate sites publish photos of scantily clad local sports nuts (In other words, half nude women sporting a shred of team apparel from the local franchise). I guess the disconnect comes with the association with the soft-core porn site... I wonder if George Bodenheimer knows about 950's "Babe of the Day," featured, um, daily on the homepage wearing little more than the ladies on Girls of Philly. Hmm...Should we tell him?

Source: Philadelphia Daily News

Source: Adam Pretty/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images