How To Make a Chicken Nuggetini

February 18, 2009

Georgia Hardstark and her girl Alie have created a culinary delight which made me fall in love with them (more so, Georgia. I like short hair).  It’s called the Nuggetini – part martini, part nug-of-chicken. It's a boozy delight of such American cunning that you'll have to hit the jump to learn more about it.

It only takes five minutes to make because it mostly consists of pouring a ton (tonne?) of vodka into a chocolate milkshake, rimming your glass with nug sauce, and then sliding a single nug delicately over the rim as garnish. Elegance. Head to for more pics and details. 

Hey, Georgia. What’s up, girl? You’re lookin’ good today. Maybe you and I grab some cherry pies later – I’m pretty sure I can get them two for the price of one.  I’ve got connections. 


Source: Georgia Hardstark/