Tarantino Threatens to Direct Fourth Film

June 4, 2008


Quentin Tarantino might just break his personal record and direct his fourth film this decade. He announced his intention to direct Inglorious Bastards while doing press for Grindhouse a year ago, and again at the 2008 Cannes Film Festival.

The film takes place during World War II and involves a posse of soldiers enlisted to tackle an unsavory mission to save their dishonorable butts. Michael Madsen is rumored to hold the starring role of Babe Buchinsky, and will likely be depended upon to provide hulking belligerence and murderous scowls.

There are those who think Tarantino is full of crap and has little intention of directing this film so soon after what must have been the artistically draining experience of Grindhouse.

However the cookie crumbles, it's probably safe to assume that a lot of Nazis are going to have their bottoms handed to them if this project gets off the ground. If at least a couple Nazis don't lose their ears I'm going to be pissed.