Pocket Fisherman Made Classier, Covert

June 16, 2008



Well, as classy as a pocket fisherman can be. Which, if you ask me, is on a par with a fob-capable tuxedo and matching top hat.

The newer version of Ron Pepeil’s pocket-sized inspiration is called the (a bit on the nose) World’s Smallest Mini Fishing Rod Pen Reel Pole.  I like Ron’s name better, but I’m unfairly biased because of my positive experience scrambling eggs inside their shells.

You can have a brand new W.S.M.F.R.P.R.P. for just $21.95 plus shipping (used $17.95)!

Added bonus, you can hide your insatiable desire to fish from your nosy officemates by concealing this fish slaying device as a common pen.  Clip it on your shirt and revel in your future aquatic conquests.