Kid Rock Hates Politics and Oprah Winfrey

August 27, 2008

The Dixie Chicks are gonna love this one. During his visit to the CMT headquarters earlier this week, Kid Rock offered his opinions on a variety of topics, including the concept of keeping his thoughts to himself when it comes to politics...and what he hates about Oprah Winfrey.

I truly believe that people like myself, who are in a position of entertainers in the limelight, should keep their mouth shut on politics. Because at the end of the day, I'm good at writing songs and singing. What I'm not educated in is the field of political science. And so for me to be sharing my views and influencing people of who I think they should be voting for...I think would be very irresponsible on my part.

Kid even used the opportunity to take a swipe at Oprah:

I think celebrity endorsements hurt politicians. Because as soon as somebody comes out for a politician, especially in Hollywood, when they all go, "I'm voting for this guy!" -- I go, "That's not who I'm voting for!" ... As soon as Oprah Winfrey pops up and goes "Ha-la-la-la-la," I'm like, "I love Barack Obama. I hate Oprah Winfrey."

Pretty heavy for a rock star. It’s certainly refreshing to see an entertainer admit that they have no expertise in politics. Take a bow, Mr. Rock.