British Pole Dancing Robots

December 9, 2008

Is it wrong that I’ve got a robo-boner?  Because if my robo-boner is wrong, then fellas, I don’t want to be right.  At the Mutate Britain, Behind the Shutters Gallery in London a platoon (gaggle? pride? murder?) of robotic, dancing strippers were unveiled recently.  Watch closely, because they’re watching you. 

The artist, Giles Walker, has mounted a CCTV camera (that looks like the ones you used to blow up with a silenced PP7 in Goldeneye) on the lovely, if mechanical, ladies’ heads. Sexy? Kinda? In that weird, 1984, if-sex-is-prescribed-by-the-government-then-at-least-some-of-us-are-guaranteed-to-get-laid way?