Mantenna - Friday, October 1

October 1, 2010

Glee’s Lea Michele poses topless, Mario gets arrested for allegedly attacking his mom, and fat people get to hang out with Anna Kournikova...everybody is workin’ for the Mantenna!

Photo: Craig Barritt /Getty Images

Glee’s Lea Michele Poses Topless

Glee’s Lea Michele has shown her sexy side by posing topless in the UK edition of Marie Claire magazine. The 24-year-old also appears on the cover of the November issue of the magazine and says Glee made her feel sexy. Before being cast in the smash hit television show Michele reveals that TV casting agents told her she didn’t have the right look for television. Now, thanks to Glee that’s all changed. She tells the magazine, “Glee has made me feel beautiful. Now when people say that, I don't feel like they're lying.” The former Broadway singer adds, “It doesn’t matter what you look like, beauty is on the inside.” Lea also reveals her secret vice is getting inked and that she has nine small tattoos each which chronicle a significant milestone in her life. [Marie Claire]

Spanish Dads Allowed to Take Breastfeeding Breaks

Spanish men won a special victory in court this week which heralded a giant leap forward in the battle for equality of the sexes. On Thursday the European Union Court of Justice ruled that new Spanish fathers be granted the same rights to breastfeeding breaks as new moms. According to CNN, the “ruling grants Spanish dads the same rights as the mother of their child to leave work up to twice a day for a total of an hour or to shorten their workday by 30 minutes for the first nine months of the baby's life.” In handing down it’s ruling the court called the existing law "an unjustified discrimination on grounds of sex” and was "liable to perpetuate a traditional distribution of the roles of men and women by keeping men in a role subsidiary to that of women in relation to the exercise of their parental duties.” It is unknown what duties, if any, men are expected to perform when taking a breastfeeding break. [CNN]

Mario Arrested For Allegedly Attacking Mother

Photo: Arnold Turner/Getty Images

R&B artist Mario was arrested in Baltimore this morning after allegedly assaulting his mother in her apartment. According to the police report, Shawntia Hardaway informed officers that her son was "throwing and damaging property" and "pushed her in the chest and shoulder area." She also stated that he "pushed her very hard [approximately] eight feet into a living room wall." When asked by police on the scene whether she feared for her life in during the altercation, Hardaway replied "yes.” Mario was arrested for second degree assault and released on $50,000 bond. What a butthead. [TMZ]

No Need for Oprah

All those female sports fans who want to watch their favorite teams, but can't keep up with sophisticated male coverage and complex score updates can rest easy. ESPN is developing ESPNW (ESPN for women) to solve this problem. USA Today reports that ESPN's own research finds "women see us as an admirable brand that has authority. But they see us as their father's brand, or husband's brand, or boyfriend's brand. They recognize it's not theirs." Typical female attitude. They meet a network, claim they're cool with it watching football every Sunday and then suddenly try to change it when they get into a relationship. [USA Today]

Fat People get to Hang Out with Anna Kournikova

Now that she's not pretending to play tennis or romance Russian hockey stars, Anna Kournikova has some time on her hands. Fortunately, she's prepared to fill it with guest appearances on mediocre reality shows. According to TV Guide "On Tuesday's episode [of the Biggest Loser], the remaining 15 contestants must compete in a tennis-workout challenge led by the 29-year-old Kournikova. The task quickly becomes a battle of the sexes." So, life after tennis is treating you well? [TV Guide]

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