Meg White's Drum Kit Being Auctioned in Detroit

January 29, 2009

The Detroit music scene is lending a helping hand to one if its favorite sons, Jim Shaw, who has been diagnosed with cancer

According to Punk Turns 30, Shaw and his wife, Sandy Kramer Shaw, are “ribald, funny, motorcycle riding, rock n roll good time people. Like all good rockers, they've put up scores of traveling bands in their Hamtramck home and they help their friends without a second thought. Now is the time for us to help them.”

A show has been arranged for Shaw on February 7 at the Magic Stick in Detroit. There’s also a chance to bid on some prized rock memorabilia at an auction in the C-Pop Gallery, with Meg White’s drum kit from “The Hardest Button To Button” video among the goodies on offer. Original photographs of the Stooges and the Misfits are also being auctioned. Get all the info here.