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Pistols, Pontoons, And Pure Fun

by AaronAhmadi   March 31, 2012 at 12:00AM  |  Views: 2,305
What treasures does the great state of Alaska hold? This week on Auction Hunters, we finally got to find out. Ton and Allen were breathing in the fresh mountain air, gazing over the wilderness and wildlife...but then, it was time for business. They didn't travel all the way to The Last Frontier to go home empty-handed, so let's see how they did:


This time things were mega-sized in Auction Hunters. Why? The boys were going to a Conex Auction, and that meant container units that would be almost five times as big as normal ones. The second they arrived at the auction, they already could already spot the rough crowd, and which locals were working together. Ron, the auctioneer, did a little quick speech and exclaimed "I am here to take your money" – honesty is always appreciated, Ron. When the first unit rolled along, Allen spotted what looked like a gambling device, while Ton had his eye on some nautical rope, so they immediately got down to business and started bidding. Minutes later, Ron crowned the "cheechako" as the winning bidder at $700, AKA Ton. Those Alaskans had some interesting nicknames for newcomers, it seemed. As the third unit was showcased, Ton and Allen knew they had another cash cow because they saw a steel briefcase in there, so they jumped in the pool of bids and took the unit for $1,025.


Sold For: $1,800

As Ton and Allen unlock their first unit, they go after the video gambling device Allen first spotted. As they powered up the device, there were a lot of dollar signs flashing, not in the device itself, but in our heroes' eyes. After Ton estimates the nautical rope inside the unit to be worth about $1,000, he uncovers a serious wrist-breaker: a .500 Smith & Wesson, the granddaddy of all pistols. Things get even better when found a .44 magnum. We all know Ton likes guns, but he absolutely fell in love with the .500 S&W - so much so that he kissed it - ah yes, true love. Ton and Allen then decide to meet up with Ken to show off their hand cannons, a local gun shop owner. Ken says the .500 S&W is the most powerful handgun in the world (as if the smile on Ton's face couldn't get any bigger), so Allen takes that as a queue to start off the negotiations and said he wanted $2,500 for both guns. Not too fast, Allen. Ken didn't even give a counter-offer, and instead just said "nice try" with an evil grin on his face. Not a good sign for the boys, because Ken then offers $1,500. Ton luckily stepped in and convinced everyone agree on $1,800 for the two humongous pistols, but only if they got to shoot with them first. Cut to a scene of a bullet the size of your finger ripping through solid brick, and you have two happy Auction Hunters.


Sold For: $5,100

Rummaging through their second unit, our heroes find bikes, electronic waste, the finally, what looked like an old canoe. Allen could tell that I wasn't mass-produced, which meant massive moolah of course. Suddenly, some shiny metal in the back of the unit caught Allen's eye, so he dove over boxes to see what treasure it could be. Good thing he didn't knock into the metal, because it was two big seaplane pontoons lying in the back. Where there's a lot of water, there's a lot of seaplanes, so the boys quickly found a buyer for their pontoons: Clint, a seaplane pilot. He told Ton and Allen that in good condition these babies can fetch $10,000 - $12,000, but first they gotta be put to the test of course. Allen and Clint then take a ride on a seaplane, and came down for a perfect landing on the water, so the proof was most definitely in the pudding. Allen and Clint agreed on selling the seaplane pontoons for $5,100, and the boys left with smiles on their faces.

So how was the Auction Hunters first visit to Alaska? In a word, fantabulous. They spent just $1,725 on two container units, sold their finds for $10,460, and left the great state with a profit of $8,735.

Want to see Ton put the biggest handgun in the world to the test? Then head over to Spike.com for this week's episode "Cold Hard Cash" now available online. As always, stayed tuned to the Auction Hunters Facebook fan page for the latest news and updates. New episodes of Auction Hunters air Wednesdays at 9/8c.