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CES 2012's Five Goofiest Gadgets

by DanSeitz   January 12, 2012 at 12:00PM  |  Views: 2,450
CES is where the biggest gadget makers come to show off the products they think will revolutionize our world. It's also where the really unusual stuff comes to try and find its niche market. Here are the five strangest things we've seen on the floor so far.

The Video Nametag

People have been going around CES with hats covered in these things, basically a smart screen with some memory to show you an ad while you're glancing at somebody's nametag. Or to humiliate retail personnel even more than if they were wearing a hot dog suit. Either way!


It's a ball. That you control with your iPhone. That's all it is. Seriously. We guess it's fun, but is it cat-resistant? Maybe this technology would be better used with the Roomba.

The iPhone Bottle Opener Case

You know, because encouraging drunk texting is a great idea.

The One Terabyte Swiss Army Knife

We get the idea of including a USB stick on a Swiss Army Knife: everybody's got both on their keychain if they're fully prepared. But who needs to lug a hard drive's worth of information with them everywhere? Seems like Swiss Army is just asking for a contemporary reboot of "The Net" (where, as probably you know, the fate of the world rested on one floppy disk).

Source: Amanda Kooser/CNET

The iPad Inflatable Cube

It's an inflatable cube that you put your iPad in. Because that's apparently more kid-resistant? We don't know; we see that and we only think of a sugar-loaded toddler diving headfirst into what they think is a bounce house.