Mantenna - Wednesday, September 9

September 9, 2009

Audrina Patridge gets topless for Maxim, Warner Bros. organizes DC Comics, and Janet Jackson is set to pay tribute to Michael Jackson at the VMAs...Senator, you're no Mantenna!

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Audrina Patridge Topless for Maxim

Audrina Patridge has stripped off to her underwear again for the October issue of Maxim magazine. The sexy pictorial shows The Hills star eating a piece of cream-covered strawberry shortcake, making her bed, and sitting on top of her dryer topless while chewing gum. She also dishes the dirt on her last season on The Hills, her new reality show, and her latest film Sorority Row. [Maxim]

Jennifer Aniston Reveals Why Relationships Fail

Jennifer Aniston is notoriously unlucky in love. The 40-year-old actress is in-and-out of relationships faster than Kevin Federline at a Krispy Kreme. Now Ms. Aniston has shared her wisdom on why relationships fail with Harper’s Bazaar magazine (and if anyone should know – it’s her). She tells them, “I think it's laziness. I think a good relationship is about collaboration. I think you just need to talk to each other. Say what you need. Say what you want. That way it's not threatening. You just need to say, 'This is important to me.' Don't expect your mate to read your mind.” She must be one lazy lady or just way too demanding. [Huffington Post]

Say Hello to Miss Cougar America

Cougars are all the rage these days. From Courtney Cox's new Cougar Town to the Sex and the City sequel being filmed in New York, Americans can't get enough of past-their-prime women desperate for companionship. It is against this backdrop that the first-ever National Cougar Convention was held in Palo Alto, California this past week. Taking home the title of Miss Cougar America was 42-year-old Gloria Navarro from Redwood City. Ms. Navarro, our wrinkled hat is off to you. [Just A Guy Thing]

Battle: Los Angeles and Batman 3

Aaron Eckhart’s new film, Battle: Los Angeles, is, according to Eckhart, going to be “like Black Hawk Down meets Alien,” (which means, apparently, there will similarities to Aliens, since that’s the exact movie he described). During the interview about the alien invasion movie, Eckhart dropped a tidbit about the sequel to The Dark Knight, though it’s not a very happy piece of news for anyone who was hoping to see more of Two-Face in the third Batman film. Eckhart said, “I don't know anything. [Director] Chris [Nolan] hasn't called me, so I'm going to seek other representation until further notice.” Well, we can still dream, right? [SCI FI Wire]

Warner Bros. Organizes DC Comics

Jeff Robinov, the president of Warner Bros. Pictures Group, is getting all his ducks in a row. DC Comics is now going to be his direct responsibility and managing it will be Diane Nelson, the woman who has been in charge of marketing Harry Potter since 2000. Some have speculated this move is due to Disney’s recent acquisition of Marvel, though insiders claim that this organization has been in motion since Robinov joined Warner Bros. in 2007. One way or another it’s looking very likely that we’re going to see more comic book movies coming out of Warner Bros. Batman, you’re about to get baby brothers and sisters! [Deadline]

Janet Jackson to Pay Tribute to Michael Jackson at MTV VMAs


Source: Carlo Allegri/Getty Images

Janet Jackson will open this year's MTV VMAs with a tribute to her brother Michael Jackson. The special appearance is said to honor and celebrate Michael Jackson's life and career. The award show will be hosted by Russell Brand and airs live this Sunday at 9pm. Performers include Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Lady GaGa, Green Day, Pink, Taylor Swift, and Muse. [MTV]

Comcast Offers Real Broadband for Absurdly Wealthy

Comcast just launched a new high-speed 100Mbps cable service in Minneapolis and St. Paul, making it the second provider to offer next-level speeds to a small market for a crazy price. Yes, now you too can download HD video as fast as someone in Roppongi, provided you live in urban Minnesota and have $370 a month to pony up for the privilege. But really, this isn't meant for normal consumers. It's meant for businesses and really rich people, and it's meant as ammunition for anti-FiOS marketing. [Google]

AT&T Boosts the 3G Network, iPhone Users Do Happy Dance

AT&T is bringing faster 3G speeds to Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, and Miami by year's end. Of course in practice it probably won't get speeds anywhere near 7.2Mbps, but you should get a modest boost in performance nonetheless if you live in these areas. [AT&T]

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