Monster Madness!

by gdesanctis   March 26, 2009 at 4:37PM  |  Views: 121

And what's this street they call Bourbon Street?? It's so much fun and quite interesting. How many streets in this world can you politely ask a woman to expose her bead collection and full frontal nude picture just by handing her some more of these free beads? They are like having free money in my hands at all times. Dr. Stevie says that I need to stay away from this stuff until he feels that I am mentally and physically able to handle such situations. Thank goodness that I only have eyes for Lauren.

Every room in these hotels has their own TV in it. That's unbelievable to see, at my home, they only have one TV for everyone to watch. They put it in the lounge area for us to enjoy but we only get to watch it for an hour a day. Sometimes I get into fights with the others over what to watch. Dr. Stevie says that I should not fight over the television. He says that I am a bigger man than that. But I don't know, when DEA comes on Spike TV I must watch it. It's exhilarating TV to enjoy.

Speaking of exciting TV to watch... how about that NCAA March Madness thing that's going on now???? I'm rooting for the University of North Carolina... the Tar Heels are the perennial favorites. I'm rootin' for them because Hermie Sadler went to school there. He's my favorite car driver ever. But he is only 5-foot 6 inches tall... how did he ever make it to the final four???

Well folks, that's all I have time for this week on THE MONSTER's been so nice getting to talk with each and every one of you again. I think it's helping my therapy along by getting to spend some quality time with all of you and expressing my feelings. I'm getting ready to go back into another therapy session with Dr. Stevie. He's going to help me get ready for this week's episode. I'm ready though... and when I get my hands on you Matt Morgan YOU'RE going to be the one who needs a doctor for a change. Goodbye for now everyone... I will be back very soon with another episode of THE MONSTER BLOG brought to you by

Bye, Bye.


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