This is How They Sell Real Estate Down Under

February 14, 2011

Two crafty, sleazier-than-usual Aussie realtors have injected some sex into real estate in the hope of selling some apartments. The pair created a raunchy promotional video featuring a scantily clad lingerie model that’s causing controversy Down Under.

The video has been labeled “a new low for real estate agents” and a “cheap shot” by local newspapers. The piece is narrated by realtors Ian Adams and Adrian Jenkins, who call the video “unashamedly sexy and fun” but done in a “tongue-in-check” manner.

The video is jammed packed with corny clichés, groan-worthy innuendos and bad double entendres. It also features a sexy glamour model who slowly strips and makes the apartment for sale look extremely inticing.

The video, which was initially sent out only to clients, has gone viral and the real estate company has been flooded with requests to see the apartments for sale. Most people inquire about whether the girl icomes with the apartment.  Sadly, both Adams and Jenkins say it’s one feature that’s not included.

Source: NEO Property