Korea Developing Halo Soldiers

November 18, 2008

Later this year, the Korean Agency of Defense will begin its development of an entirely revamped uniform for its armed combatants with all sorts of sexy, hawkish gadgetry to make their boys the fastest, most stylish killers around. The Republic of Korea must love video games.  What other possible explanation is there for the distinctly Master Chief-esque appearance of the armor in their new super soldier program?


The new helmet includes a helmet cam, GPS navigation, and some variety of heads-up display to discern friendlies from hostiles. A new protective vest is also in development.  The suit itself is designed to protect the super soldiers from nuclear, chemical, and biological attacks.  It’s also got built-in air conditioning.

The rifle is a double-barreled K-11 assault rifle that shoots bullets, but everything shoots bullets. Boooring.  So this one also shoots 20-millimeter grenades.  And, like your digital camera, it has target tracking which makes it a “true point-and-shoot.” So convenient!