Celebrate Final Destination 5 in San Diego - Party Style!

by Mhofstatter   July 13, 2011 at 8:00AM  |  Views: 398
Who likes to party?! Final Destination 5 and Spike TV that's who! We first gave you a chance to win your way into Comic Con, now we're giving you your chance to win your way in to the hottest party this side of San Diego as we celebrate the release of the fifth film in the Final Destination series.

How do you find your way in to this mega, blockbuster of a party set to go off the night of Thursday, July 21st? It's easy if you've been lucky enough to find your way into the convention center. Don't believe us? Then just head over to Spike TV's booth inside the Convention Center, numbered #3945, and snag your ticket to the party. See? We told you it was easy! Just remember, tickets are first come, first serve and we've only got a limited number. So move fast, or you just might miss this scream of a party.

For those of you who entered the Final Destination 5 Win Your Way Into Comic Con Sweepstakes, the entry phase is officially closed. Much thanks to those who entered. We'll be announcing the winners shortly.

See you all in San Diego!


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