Deadliest Warrior Tournament: Round 3

August 24, 2009


They mentioned a tournament on the last Aftermath so I'm going to continue mine and see where it goes.

Round 3
The Deadliest Warrior tournament is steaming towards the end with this round 3 installment. A few things are starting to shake out but no real patterns have been established as to who is the best warrior of all time.

This tournament isn't seeded and the competitors aren't locked into place like an NCAA bracket which means the match ups can change from round to round. However, there are two distinct brackets (winner's and loser's) and within each bracket there are two divisions (modern and ancient).

-Loser's Bracket (Modern)
0-1 British Royal Gurkhas (c1984)
0-1 U.S. Green Berets (c2001)
0-1 U.S. Rough Riders (c1895)
1-1 Sicilian Mafia (c1930)
-Loser's Bracket (Ancient)
1-1 Caribbean Pirate (c1720)
0-1 Mongol Warrior (c1220)
1-1 Shaolin Monk (c1600)
0-1 Aztec Jaguar (c1520)
0-1 Chinese Zhou Charioteer (c1000 BC)
1-1 Japanese Samurai (c1000)
-Winner's Bracket (Modern)
1-0 Boer Commandos (c1898)
1-1 Afghan Taliban (c2004)
1-0 Russian Spetsnaz (c2000)
1-0 U.S. Navy Seals (c1989)
-Winner's Bracket (Ancient)
1-1 Scandinavian Viking (c1000)
1-0 Persian Immortal (c500 BC)
1-0 Spanish Conquistador (c1520)
1-1 Zulu Warrior (c1826)
1-1 European Knight (c1200)
1-0 Egyptian Charioteer (c1400 BC)

-Loser's Bracket
Warriors with two losses are removed from the tournament, meaning round 3 is an elimination round for many of the contestants including everyone in the loser's bracket. Four warriors have already been eliminated: Yakuza, Maori, Ninja and Gladiator.

Match ups are getting more difficult as the pool shrinks, but the Deadliest Warrior rule of no rematches between warriors who've fought in real life is still in effect as we pit the season one winners who lost in round two with the season 2 losers.

Gurkha vs. Green Beret: Fearsome B.A.F. infantry against dedicated U.S. Special Forces.
Pirate vs. Mongol Warrior: Bloodthirsty scoundrel against bloodthirsty conqueror.
Shaolin Monk vs. Aztec Jaguar: A battle of spiritually motivated warriors.
Rough Riders vs. Mafia: American volunteers against American gangsters.
Zhou Warrior vs. Samurai: Chinese chariot crew against iconic Japanese warrior.

-Winner's Bracket
Four warriors have already collected two victories and moved on to round 4: IRA, Highlander, Spartan and Apache. Now the rest of the winners from round 2 are going to slug it out for the right to join them.

Warriors who lost in round 1 but were victorious in round 2 will have to avoid elimination by facing off with the winners from season 2.

Viking vs.
Conquistador: Invader from the north against conqueror from Spain.
Immortal vs. Zulu Warrior: Persian Imperial guard against powerful African warrior.
Boer Commandos vs. Taliban: Two militias; one fights for country, the other for religion.
Spetsnaz vs. Navy Seal: Another Cold War grudge match.
Knight vs. Egyptian Warrior: European steel against Egyptian speed.

-Watch for Loser's Bracket results next week!