Gladiator Vs. Comanche

December 28, 2010

Now two warriors will fight each other with different kind of tactics. The gladiator shows his killing to the croud while the Comanche take over land. Who is deadliest!

Gladiator Vs. Comanche

Gladiator                                                                                                                The gladiators were forced to fight in arena's all over the roman empire. Fighting to please the croud, they knew nothing but to train and fight as slaves. Will the trident and net combination prove lethal enough? As you all know, Macrusus had fought against the Celt and killed him. Because of that, he made enough money to buy his own freedom and Macrusus was free at last. Too bad for him, did things not go as supposed to when Macrusus was finally free. It was hard for him to adept to the situations and get a job. He was too old to join the army and he did not know anything but fight. With great debts, he has to step into the arena once more to earn the money to repay his debts. Knowing they had captured a good and brutal warrior, Macrusus was ready for the battle.

The Gladiator goes into battle with the sica, hasta, javelin and trident and net. He wears a big helmet, and arm and shoulder plates to protect his swordarm. He also has greaves.


Comanche                                                                                                         The Comanche are native americans who are ready for war. Always protecting and expanding their land, they were in constant battle. The cowboy did even had to create the Texas Rangers to deal with these native warriors. Will the Comanche bow proof to be deadly and lethal? After killing the Zulu leader, Buffalo Blood wanted revenge. He gathered the strongest men in his tribe and together, they left on the boat, Shaka came in on. Too bad for them was it no Zulu ship they encountered but a Roman war vessel. The men who were with Buffalo Blood were killed and the chief himself locked up. After weeks of sailing and a few days of walking, Buffalo Blood came in the biggest city he had ever seen, the people were so different then he was just to from the settlers. More important, they did not wear guns. Now he was put in a small room in a big building.

The Comanche cries his battlecry with the war hawk, lance, bow and arrow and knifes. He has protection in the form of a leather shield.

The Edges:

Sica Vs. War Hawk                                                                                               The sica is a good slashing sword and the war hawk is nice to cut with. The sica is longer and the war hawk can be thrown to kill. I give the egde to the war hawk, because the war hawk has a leather shield with defence, it is not a good protection, but anything that gives time is good.                                                                     Edge: Comanche

Hasta Vs. Lance                                                                                                  Normally i would give the egde to the longer weapon like the lance. But the hasta has a tip at one end and a barb at the other, not making it more versatile but quicker too. Both weapons are good and altough the hasta is both quicker and more versatile, the lance has the bigger impact. I call this one even.                                 Edge: Even

Javelin Vs. Bow and arrow                                                                                      The javelin is a good weapon, but the bow and arrow are just better.                         Edge: Comanche 

Trident and net Vs. Knifes                                                                                    The trident and net are a deadly combination in which you can entangle or trip the opponent and then stab to death. The knifes are bone weapons which cannot be thrown. Altough they can be used to cut the net, it takes to much time and the trident has the bigger reach.                                                                                 Edge: Gladiator

Armour                                                                                                              The gladiator has a arm and shoulder protected and his head, while the Comanche has a leather shield. The shield is easy to get trough and altough the protection of the gladiator is not much, i believe it is enough, not to get killed soon.                     Edge: Gladiator

Ready To Rumble!!


Macrusus was boxing into thin air. This was the last part of his warming up and after that, he was ready to go. One more time to earn the money he needed. Otherwise he would end up here again and now at least Macrusus was a free man. A soldier came in, telling him it was time and wishing him good luck. 'Thanks' Macrusus replied. He took up his gear and transported it into the arena. The croud screamed and clapped as he came in. Shouting his name Ma-cru-sus Ma-cru-sus. Stacking his hasta and trident in the sand. He threw the net over the trident and saw how his enemy came running in. 

As Buffalo Blood waited in his cell, two soldiers brought some food and his weapons. A mistake, they would regret, he thought. He checked if his weapons were in order and ate the food. Altough it seemed strange, it was rather tastful. Hearing footsteps, Buffalo Blood reached for his bow and some arrows. A soldier came in and the native releashed his arrow, finding his way in the lungs of the soldier. The other soldier raised his shield and the arrow got stuck. He came in closer and the native jumped at him, slashing his throat with the knife. Licking off blood of the knife, Buffalo Blood took his weapons aand searched for a way trhough this maze of corridors. Finally seeing a door with light behind it, he run trough, only to see he was in a pit with sand. all around him up high were people and there was one other man in the pit with him. Grabbing his bow again, Buffalo Blood wanted to shoot, just as the gladiator threw his javelin. Ducking away, the shot was lousy and ended up somewhere further in the sand. The gladiator saw how his javelin and the arrow of his opponent missed target, gripped his weapons and threw them in the middle of the arena. The only weapon he had in his hands was his hasta. The Comanche run up closer with the lance in hands and tried to stab his opponent. The gladiator pushed the tip away with his tip and attacked with the barb at the other end. As soon as possible, The Comanche ducked, pulled back his spear and attacked again, hitting the protected arm of the gladiator. The gladiator now tried to stab but the Comanche stepped backwards and used his longer weapon to keep his opponent away. The agility of this warrior was remarkeble, Macrusus thought as he once again pushed the tip away and smashed with his barb, now hitting the side of the body of the indian chief. Macrusus let go of his weapon, grabbed the other weapon with his protected arm and tried to put his fist in the face of Buffalo Blood. Buffalo Blood ducked ffor cover and kicked the Gladiator away, being forced to release his weapon. He then took out his knife, with the blood of the soldier still on it and slashed at the opponent hitting the chest. A small trickle of blood came pooring out as the Gladiator took his trident and net. The Comance jumped at his opponent and felt the weapon, his opponent was now holding against his private parts, castrating him. Feeling the pain, he concentrated and felt how the net wrapped itself around his leg. He was forced down with the net and the Gladiator came in with the thrust, only to have the native avoid the attack and as the trident entered the sand, he kicked the Gladiator in the chest with his foot that still had the net around it. The Gladiator fell backwards and Buffalo Blood used this moment to free his foot off the net and get his War Hawk and shield. The Gladiator stood up, sica in hand and both warriors looked at each other. The war hawk slashed without results at the helmed as the sica cleaved trough the shield of the native. Both were now slashing at each other, only hitting air. The Comanche slashed the unprotected arm of his enemy, who ducked and manages to cut the hamsting. Falling down, Buffalo Blood released his War hawk and kicked with his good foot against the hand of the gladiator, forcing the sword away. Now weaponless, Macrusus Jumped at his foe with his elbow out. Hitting the solar plexus, the Comanche felt how all air got sucked out of his longs which gave the Gladiator time to put his hands around the throat of the enemy and he started to choke him. The Comache grabbed his knife and thrusted it at his opponent. The knife entered the free shoulder but the Gladiator did not let go of his iron grip and slowly, the Comanche fell his life drain away. Thinking about his forefathers he was about to meet, Buffalo Blood died.

Checking that his opponent was dead, Macrusus stood up and pulled the bloody knife out of his shouder. Holding it up, he saw how the croud cheered for him. maybe this was not the last time he was going to enter the arena after all.

Winner: Gladiator



Gladiator: 39.5

Sica: 8

Hasta: 8

Javelin: 7.5

Trident and net: 9

Armour: 7



Comanche: 39

War Hawk: 8.5

Lance: 8

Bow and Arrow: 9

Knifes: 7

Armour: 6.5


When i counted up the grades, i was very suprised. I really thought the Comanche was going to win and had already decided on the weapon that would make the kill (knife) Now the gladiator won and my guess is that the disadvantage at long range was countered with the advantage on special weapons. That combined with the head protection was enough for the Gladiator to barely make it.