Let's Get BroMantic

by Robbie E   March 13, 2014 at 12:00AM  |  Views: 3,258

How do you know love is real? If anyone knows it's definitely a BroMan. People always ask me and Jessie (and sometimes DJ Z) how to know if love is real. You guys have a lot of questions, bro. But we have all the answers, so here you go. You're welcome.

5 - Instagram - If ya like each other's pics you are def are in love. Also, I will only date and love a girl who doesn't follow any dudes but me. Who wants to see what some other hamster eats anyway? Oh look, pictures of a sunset with some crap written on it? Real original, hamster.

4 - Twitter - True love equals retweeting bro, even the social media manager of a gas station knows that. If she is retweeting you on the reg, then you know it's gotten real. BOOM!

3 - Facebook – You must be in each other's profile pics for it to be real love. If you're a girl and you got your girls in it with ya, or some greasy dudes in it, then, bro... It ain't real.

2 - Ring Tone - When I call you, everyone around better hear a love song so they know it's me. My boy Bieber should definitely be playing. Or my entrance music, even better.

1 - BroMan T-Shirt – You must wear the new BroMan T-Shirt available at shoptna.com to bed bro. That way I know you are thinking of me while ya sleep.

If all those go down, it's real love. Until next week, OH this was my BroMan blog, bro.


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