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Ton And Allen Do Mach 1

by AaronAhmadi   June 24, 2012 at 1:00AM  |  Views: 7,645
8 miles south of Denver is a small town that has big surprises, rich history, and plenty of storage units up for grabs. Littleton, CO, was the stop for Ton and Allen this week and what an adventure it was. Were the Auction Hunters like fishes out of water this time? An excellent question, so let's check out the answer:


When Ton and Allen are on the road and off their home turf, they always try and get the inside scoop on what's going on, so that's why they decided to chat it up with the locals to see who the big fish were in Littleton. After a pair of locals nicknamed "The Ranchers" took the Auction Hunters head on and stole a unit from them for $2,100, the boys redeemed themselves by hauling in two fine units for just $1,175. It was off to a good start.


Sold For: $3,600

Everyone knows guys love big, loud machines, so it was only fitting that Ton and Allen's first find was a nice looking hunk of metal with a shovel on the end of it. Obviously this beastly machine looked mining-ish, so the boys decided to talk to Al, a gold miner who was willing to take a look at the find. Apparently Ton and Allen's discovery was none other than a mucking machine. This thing was very old, but the guys were hoping that it still had some fire left in it. After Al got the device running and saw how it hauled rocks into its bin with ease, Ton and Allen were able to haul in $3,600 for it. Now that's a goldmine.


Sold For: $2,700

When a rocket comes with its own parachute, has keys stuck in it, and is double the size of Ton himself, you have a feeling that it just has to bring in a massive profit. Not coming across something like this before, the Auction Hunters rendezvoused with Tim, an avid collector of high powered rocketry, and licensed to launch humongous missiles like this one. Tim said the rocket could do Mach 1 (yes, seriously), and ponied up $2,700 in cash for it. The sky's the limit when it comes to rockets!

From the land to the sky, the Auction Hunters were everywhere this week. It only took $1,175 for Ton and Allen to buy two storage units and find some amazing stuff inside. They sold their finds for a total of $7,520 and left Littleton, CO, $6,435 richer. Gold mining equipment and rockets are a lovely combination, it seems.

Forget model rockets, check out Ton and Allen's mega missile rip through the atmosphere in seconds. Watch this week's latest episode, "Little-Ton Jones", now available on Spike.com for viewing. Don't forget to visit the Auction Hunters Facebook page for all the latest news and updates about the show, and remember to watch all-new episodes of Auction Hunters airing Wednesdays at 9/8c on SPIKE.