Ozzy Osbourne is Obsessed with Phil Collins?

May 11, 2009

Although it seems very unlikely, Ozzy Osbourne has opened up and admitted that he has a very special place in his heart ‘80s popper Phil Collins. Who doesn’t?

Supposedly the Black Sabbath frontman drove his wife Sharon insane by playing “In The Air Tonight” nonstop. Sharon said that Ozzy “played it so often that” she “would get the CD and throw it away but he went and bought another one.”

Ozzy even revealed that his love for Phil eventually rubbed off on Sharon, who became equally obsessed with the classic track.

Ozzy stated: “We’re the reason he sold so many albums. That drum fill is the best ever – it still sounds awesome. We love Phil Collins!”

Source: Bob King/Getty Images

Damn, this is smooth...