Michael Myers: Masked

April 13, 2009

After the news that Michael Myers was going to go about his grisly business unmasked for around 70 percent of H2: Halloween 2, the new Halloween sequel, everyone was wondering: what is he going to look like when he's doing his thing masked? Well, we now have part of the answer, as a new photo has surfaced that shows Michael in one of the masks he'll don for the movie. Take a look at the full photo after the jump.


Rob Zombie talks a little bit about the shoot -- which apparently is already finished -- on his MySpace blog:

Well, after 35 days of snow, freezing rain, fire ants, mud and blood we are done! The cast and crew kick ass beyond ass to bring you the most demented Halloween ever! In less than five months Michael will be back in your face! And speaking of face... here is your first glimpse of one of the many faces Michael 2009 [sic].

Regardless of the awesomeness or lameness of the film that came before it, if the pictures that are surfacing are any indication of its scariness, H2 definitely has the potential to freak us the hell out. Between looking like a bearded grisly bear and a shredded-up-mask-wearing-psycho, Michael is in true horrifying form.