The Top Five Drinks to Sink on Cinco

May 4, 2009

If you're planning on partying this holiday, then hit the jump for five concoctions to quaff for a super-smooth Cinco de Mayo celebration. 

Source: Acme Food Arts/Getty Images

You may or may not know that Cinco de Mayo is held not necessarily to drink, but to celebrate the Mexican army’s kick-a** victory over the much less spicy French military at the Battle of Puebla.  However, if you do want to celebrate with a few adult beverages, we've narrowed it down to five of our favorites.

5. Mexi-tini


Source: Van Gogh Vodka

1 oz. Orange Vodka

1 oz. Tequila

1/2 oz. Orange Juice

Shake ingredients with ice in a cocktail shaker, add an orange slice for garnish. 


4. Bloody Corona


Source: CaroVorona

1 Corona

Hot Sauce

Put some hot sauce in the Corona. Optionally, salt the bottle neck and add a cocktail shrimp to garnish.   

3. Maya Magic


Source: Van Gogh Vodka

1 oz. Pineapple Vodka

1 oz. Vanilla Vodka

1/2 oz. Triple Sec

1/2 oz. Cranberry Juice

Shake ingredients with ice in a cocktail shaker and add a pineapple slice for garnish.

2. La Paloma Suprema



1 1/2 oz. Reposado Tequila

4 oz. Grapefruit Soda

Wedge of Lime

Add ingredients over ice in a tall glass and stir. Garnish with the lime wedge. 

1. El Diablo


Source: flossie

1 1/2 oz. Traditional Tequila

1 oz. Cranberry Juice

1 oz. Fresh Squeezed Lime Juice

1/2 oz. Simple Syrup

Splash of Ginger Ale

Wedge of Lime

Mix everything but the ginger ale in a highball glass over ice, then splash the ginger ale on top. Garnish it with the lime.