Robocop Rises from Retirement

July 17, 2008


Various sources are reporting a remake of Robocop – no, scratch that, a sequel to the last Robocop. Because the third Robocop really left us hanging! Well, for those of you who were even sentient in 1993, much less fans of the third Robocop – or, for that matter, any of them (the second two were pretty big wash-outs) – you’ll be infused with a fuzzy feeling of joy to hear that Darren Aronofsky, the daft poser who brought us hits such as Pi and The Fountain (I recently started up a support group for people who forced themselves to watch the entirety of either of those films – I have the rare misfortune of having watched both) a director with all of zero sci-fi or action movies (or even any entertaining movies) to his name, will be helming this much anticipated project. It’s like Zeus heard my prayers and sent bottled lightning to my door for an early Chrismukkah present! Thank you, king of the Olympians!