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Women Scaring Men Off Sex

by girls   June 18, 2009 at 2:39PM  |  Views: 309

A new study shows that pushy women demanding earth-shattering sex, multiple orgasms, and marathon love-making sessions are causing men to be scared off from having sex. How could this be possible?

Professor Zbigniew Izdebski, a Polish sex therapist, found that a staggering one third of men are too frightened to have sex because of unrealistic expectations in the bedroom. He blames the phenomenon on women’s magazines. He says, "Men feel they are judged by their women, who have been educated by magazines and know exactly how long foreplay should last, when to check the moistness of their vagina, the hardness of their nipples, and body color."

It seems modern men are so worried about making their other half reach orgasm, that they forget to enjoy sex. Izdebski says, "The whole methodology of the women's climax is seen by men as something similar to a difficult intelligence test. Instead of enjoying the intercourse, men instead try to remember the 'right' routine.” This results in men avoiding sex and using the old “headache” excuse.

Have you ever avoided sex for this reason? Do you think men face to much expectations in the bedroom or is this a load of B.S.?

Source: B2M Productions/Getty Images

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