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by Robbie E   May 09, 2012 at 12:00PM  |  Views: 2,457

This week's #BroBlog is finally here! Is this everyone else's favorite part of the week also?

I have had to step up my cardio lately with all the grilling I have been doing. This summer weather makes me just wanna be outside and eat, eat, drink and eat more, bro. That's why on THE LIST this week I am going to share the food and drinks that drive me crazy, man. The foods and drinks that I can't stay away from no matter how hard I try! The foods and drinks that may bring my 12 abs down to 11.

4. Swedish Fish - They are so good. Ever since I was young and played little league I have been obsessed. They used to cost one cent each at the field house after games when I was just a little bro, and now price doesn't matter as I need my fix and buy them by the box, boss!

3. Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream - Its hot out. Don't ya want cold ice cream? How can I get the low fat ice cream when those chunks of peanut butter cups look so tasty?

2. Red Bull and Vodka - Come onnnnn! I'm at the Tiki Bar in Jersey shirtless. Tired from my workout... what better way to get me going to chat with the honeys (not the hamsters) then some Red Bull mixed with a little vodka. Plus it's a stylish drink to look cool...Yeah buddy!

1. Steak - OMG!!! I cant stop. I should be eating leaner meat like tilapia or grilled chicken, but how good is steak when it's on a grill? So good. Eating steak is more rewarding to me than beating up a hamster or buying new matching sweaters with Bigger Rob.

Make sure you read my column next week as I give my thoughts on Alex Silva being awarded a contract to Impact Wrestling!!!

Later dudes. Peace.

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