Deadliest Warrior Tournament: Round 6

October 16, 2009

DW Tournament: Round 6

The Deadliest Warrior tournament is almost over as we head into the semi-finals with only seven warriors remaining.

Round 6
The champion of the Modern Division has been determined, with the U.S. Navy SEALs taking top honors, meaning that this round will settle who is the runner up between the Russian Spetsnaz and British Royal Gurkhas.

The Ancient Division still has four of history's best warriors fighting it out for top honors.

This tournament isn't seeded and the competitors aren't locked into place like an NCAA bracket which means the match ups can change from round to round. However, there are two divisions (modern and ancient).

-Modern Division
4-0 U.S. Navy Seals (c1989)
3-1 Russian Spetsnaz (c2000)
2-1 British Royal Gurkhas (c1984)
-Ancient Division
4-0 Scottish Highlander (c1297)
4-0 Spanish Conquistador (c1520)
3-1 Japanese Samurai (c1000)
3-1 European Knight (c1200)

-Semi-Final Bracket
Round 5 was a quarter-final round as 6 more warriors were eliminated from the tournament, bringing the tally of defeated contestants up to 21: Yakuza, Maori, Ninja, Gladiator, Mafia, Zhou, Green Beret, Pirate, Shaolin Monk, Zulu, Taliban, Viking, Egyptians, Rough Riders, Jaguar, Mongol, Commandos, IRA, Immortal, Spartan & Apache.

Only 7 of history's most elite warriors remain to fight for the title of the Deadliest Warrior.

The U.S. Navy SEALs have already wrapped up the modern division thanks to their versatile arsenal of long range weapons and their tactics of stealth and surprise attacks. The SEALs defeated the Gurkhas in episode 4 of season 2 then went on to defeat the Spetsnaz in round 3 of the tournament, leaving those two to duke it out for the runner up spot.

The Ancient Division has a final four of warriors who are ready to do battle with heavy weapons and sturdy armor. The Highlander and Conquistador bring perfect records into the semi-finals against the Knight, who bounced back from an early loss with three straight wins, and the Samurai, who arose victorious from the loser's bracket.

Spetsnaz vs. Gurkha: Feared anti-terrorist unit against formidable front-line infantry.
Knight vs. Samurai:  Medieval tank against Iconic Japanese warrior.
Conquistador vs. Highlander: New World conqueror against powerful Scottish rebel.

-Watch for Semi-Final results next week!