Retired NFL "Star" Finds New Career as Aspiring Drug Kingpin

January 22, 2010

Ever wonder what football players do once they retire from the lucrative world of salary arbitration and mild brain damage? Well, one former running back has decided to enter the drug game by starting a grow house in Colorado – something the DEA apparently disapproves of.

Yesterday afternoon, federal investigators raided the home of Denver Broncos alum Reuben Droughns (who still needs at least two more drug-related arrests to catch up to Travis Henry) and found what they described as an illegal marijuana operation.

Droughns contends that the pot is for medical distribution (which is legal in Colorado), but the DEA doesn’t seem to be buying that excuse. Apparently the 31-year-old retiree doesn’t have the medical marijuana license that makes it legal to grow copious amounts of ganja to sell to glaucoma patients.

No arrests have been made yet, but the investigation is ongoing.

Source: Stone/Getty Images