World's Fastest Man Trolls Internet for Reality Show Dating Opportunities

February 12, 2010

Sure, it’s easy to judge Usain Bolt’s “unorthodox” and “slightly creepy” methods of courtship. Not a lot of people watch VH1 programs like I Love New York or Who Wants to Embarrass Their Families? and thinks “I wonder what kind of mother that girl licking whipped cream off of a Mexican midget would make?” But then again, most people can't make millions of dollars running for less than 10 seconds a month - and in this country, rich weirdos aren't "odd," they're just eccentric.

Word on the street (and by “the street” I mean random sports blogs) is that after watching For the Love of Ray J earlier this year, Bolt was so enamored with a contestant called “Lava” that he fired up the inter-web and Googled her in hopes of finding her real name.

On what appears to be a reunion episode of the show, Lava – or Taneish Simpson – claimed “I am dating Usain Bolt. … We made it official on New Year’s. I actually spent New Year’s in Jamaica because he requested that I come down so we could spend New Year’s together. … He Googled me.”

Whoever said romance is dead clearly isn’t friends with any Jamaican sprinters.

Source: Oliver Morin/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images