NHL Player Given Time off to Focus on Partying

March 31, 2010

What happens when you show up late for practice after a night of romancing overweight Canadian women in an alcohol-infused stupor? If you play for the Vancouver Canucks, it means that you get an extra week to down as much Kokanee and Maple Leaf tail as you can before the playoffs start.

Shane O’Brien, a relatively popular defenseman for the Northwest Division-leading Canucks, missed practice this week with what doctors and beer tub girls diagnosed as a “wicked hangover.”

So, obviously the appropriate punishment would be to suspend him for a few games in order to get that last bit of partying out of his system.

“There is more to this than just yesterday's incident," [head coach Alain] Vigneault told reporters. "So we've got a plan for Shane O'Brien. He will not be practicing or be with the team until Sunday. His situation then will be re-evaluated."

Sounds like a pretty nice weekend off. It’s kind of like when your Dad catches you smoking as a teenager and forces you to finish the entire pack in front of him so you get sick – only with foreign beer and domestic strippers.

Photo: Deadspin.com