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The 10 Beers We Dare You to Drink

by DannyGallagher   October 11, 2010 at 10:00AM  |  Views: 3,639

5. Schorschbock 40

Are you the kind of slow drinker who likes to enjoy every sip of your favorite fermented beverage while your pitcher-chugging friends try to down an entire keg in one gulp? Here’s a beer that will give you the edge over their aging alcoholism.

This German brew can only be consumed like a fine whiskey, one shot at a time. That’s because it’s 40 percent alcohol by volume and drinking it a whole pint at a time is like chugging an entire bottle of Jack Daniels through your nose. Only 40 bottles of the stuff were ever made, so chances are you if you get your hands on one, you want it to last. Unless your goal is to die broke, drunk, and happy (those last two are redundant).


4. Miyamori Wasabi Dry

If you like your beer to give you a little kick in the ass every time you drink it, here’s one that can break its foot off in you as well.

This green beer might look like a tasty St. Patrick’s Day treat from the shady side of the glen, but one taste will turn that beautiful green field of flowing grass into a fiery wasteland of burning and pain. That’s because it’s actually infused with the essence of wasabi, that green pasty glob of sushi goodness that easily confused Japanese tourists have been confusing for ice cream since trade relations were opened to the world again. Chugging this barley bad boy is like French kissing a dragon that’s just eaten a big handful of Hot Tamales.  

3. Start the Future

Source: Koelschip

If you thought BrewDog’s “Tactical Nuclear Penguin” and “Sink the Bismarck!” brews were exercises in self-destruction, get ready to meet the Jazzercise of extreme drinking.

This Dutch brew currently beat out BrewDog's attempts to topple the proofing level of our livers with a beer that has a whopping 60 percent of alcohol content by volume. It currently represents the final blow in the alcohol content wars until BrewDog develops a beer that’s so strong, it can strip paint off a car with its smell.  

2. Kwispelbier

Source: Terrie Berenden

If you saw this brew on the shelf of your neighborhood beer store, you might not think anything unusual of it until the store’s owner pulls it off the shelf and pours a generous portion of it in his dog’s water dish.

That’s because this steak-flavored beer from Holland is the first and only beer brewed just for dogs. Of course, it’s non-alcoholic and can’t get your dog drunk but just imagine the hilarity that would ensue if you could get one of your meatheaded friends to guzzle down a few sips before spitting right back in your face. On the upside, it would give them an excellent source of Vitamin B and a shinier coat that lasts all day.

1. The End of History

Source: BrewDog Beer

This dangerous-sounding beer may not have a warning label that makes temperance advocates bleed from the eyes. 

It doesn’t have the highest proof in the world, although 55 percent is enough to make even the most staggering drunk go blind.

It doesn’t even have weird ingredients like malted whale penis or fermented haggis.

It’s the bottle that makes this beer so bodacious. The BrewDog brewery might have lost the proofing wars, but they win weirdest in show for this beer brand: a bottle encased inside of a dead and mounted rodent like a squirrel, weasel, or rabbit. It’s the only beer you don’t mind drinking out of a paper bag whether you’re walking down a busy Interstate or sitting in your favorite neighborhood bar.


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