Mantenna - Tuesday, February 16

February 16, 2010

Christina Hendricks does an awesome magazine cover, the new Spider-Man director takes notes from the master, and EMI is selling Abbey Road Studios...the Mantenna is living the American Dream!

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Christina Hendricks' Awesome Magazine Cover

Boobilicious Mad Men star Christina Hendricks appears on the cover of the latest issue of New York Magazine in a damn sexy lace corset. In an accompanying interview the 34-year-old redhead opens up about all the attention her curvaceous body receives. She tells the mag, “It kind of hurt my feelings at first. Anytime someone talks about your figure constantly, you get nervous, you get really self-conscious. I was working my butt off on the show, and then all anyone was talking about was my body!” Hendricks is set to start work on the next season of Mad Men soon. We can’t wait. [New York Magazine]

Mischa Barton Tokes and Crashes

If you see Mischa Barton driving, be careful. She might be high. The troubled actress was photographed by paparazzi photographers smoking what appears to be a roach while driving in Hollywood. The actress was later filmed accidently driving her car over a red curb. The former OC star has a history of drug and alcohol problems and was arrested for a DUI in 2007. [The Superficial]

The Losers Gets Moved

The Losers, one of Warner Bros. darlings, is getting moved from April 9th to June 4th of this year. Clash of the Titans apparently needs more space to itself, especially now that it’s getting the royal 3D treatment. In other news, The A-Team is still coming out, and very few people can distinguish it from The Losers. So who’s the real loser? [/Film]

Spider-Man Director Takes Notes From the Master

Marc Webb, the director of the soon-to-be-rebooted Spider-Man franchise, recently sat down with James Cameron and his producer, Jon Landau. Cameron is a big fan of Webb’s breakout movie, (500) Days of Summer, and is going to give him a tutorial on how to shoot a film using digital 3D. Maybe the new Spider-Man movie has some potential after all – and it’s nice to hear that Landau doesn’t support all movies being converted to 3D across the board. I mean, come on, people, show some moderation. [MTV]

EMI to Sell Abbey Road Studios


Source: Nicky J. Sims/Getty Images

Abbey Road, the London recording studios made famous by the Beatles album of the same name, has been put up for sale by the EMI music group. Sources told the Financial Times that EMI has been taking bidders for the property in St John's Wood, but it was not immediately clear whether EMI would sell the Abbey Road brand name along with the property. EMI bought the house at number 3 Abbey Road for $160,000 in 1929 and transformed it into the world's first custom-built recording studios. [Daily Finance]

NBC Olympic Coverage Suggests Americans Aren't Aware of the Internet

The only thing people seem to agree on during these Olympic Games is that NBC is the single worst thing to happen to it. The peacock network has shown key events on tape delay (ya know, just like they did when they ruined Michael Phelps' performances in 2008) in order to show them in primetime. Apparently NBC execs aren't aware that live sports don't quite function like sitcoms, and that people inadvertently find out who won every important event via the inter-web. [Deadspin]

Top Gear USA Heading To History Channel

Despite being killed by NBC, Top Gear USA lives on at The History Channel. Sources there tell us they've ordered between 10 and 12 episodes and they're currently interviewing candidates for the hosts. If you'll remember, NBC killed the idea for a Top Gear USA show starring Carolla, racer Tanner Faust, and dapper doily designer Eric Stromer at about the same time they realized the Carpocalypse was gonna kill any chance they'd have of advertising. Also, there was the whole Knight Rider fiasco. [Auto Blog]

Australian Attorney General Says Gamers are Worse than Biker Gangs

South Australian Attorney General Michael Atkinson claims, in an interview with Good Game, that gamers are more of a threat to his family than biker gangs. He cites a "threatening note" left at his doorstep as evidence of the blind rage gamers are capable of. This is the man who has been the biggest opponent to Australia receiving an R18+ rating for video games and who has the power to veto any such law introducing it - largely because he feels a rating system would foster the introduction of more violent games, somehow. Not a good time to be into video games down under, it would seem. [AU News]

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