Mantenna - Tuesday, November 11

November 11, 2008

A college basketball player commits a plus-sized petty theft, new images from Watchmen, and how to defeat the pesky, cock-blocking roomate...all that and more after the jump in today's Mantenna!

Basketballer’s Huge Steal

A Binghamton University basketball player has been suspended after being arrested for stealing 36 Trojan Magnum Condoms. Malik Alvin, a 20-year-old junior and newcomer to the BU team, stuffed the condoms into his pants and proceeded to walk out of the Vestal, New York Wal-mart. As he left the store, he collided with a 66-year-old lady, knocking her to the floor and causing a concussion. He has been charged with shoplifting and assault but has pleaded innocent. Let's hope he was able to keep the condoms...he may need them in jail. [Busted Coverage]

How To Defeat the Cock-Blocking Roommate

You’ve hit the jackpot. You’ve met a girl who is totally cool, cute and wants to take you back to her place to play Wii, watch a movie, or whatever other excuse she can think up. You arrive at her place and the world ends because she has a roommate who prides herself in cock-blocking dudes. Don’t worry, there is a way out. COED Magazine has some simple tips to ensure success. Some of their tips include: avoid getting into a conversation with the roommate, don’t eat anything, don’t touch the TV, be polite, but never forget that she is the enemy and you are at war. If you follow these rules, you’ll unblock the cock-blocker and be able to sail out into open waters with your mast up at full speed. [COED Magazine]

Captain America Just Got a Little More Real

For all those comic fans despairing that Captain America will never get its due and make it to the big screen, despair no more. Marvel has finally selected a director to helm the project: the top slot is going to Joe Johnston, director of films like Jurassic Park 3 (ugh) and The Rocketeer (sweet). The man’s been directing a long time, so it’s nice that he’ll finally get his chance with what could potentially be a huge Marvel franchise, one that’s been on the back-burner for far too long. [The Movie Blog]

Watchmen Keeps Us Watching


Warner Brothers is making sure we have something new from Watchmen just about every single day of the work week, and today is no exception. Character portraits of the key players from the comic have surfaced on the web – we get new portraits of Dr. Manhattan in all his nuclear glory, The Comedian looking bad-ass as ever, The Silk Spectre II and others. It’s pretty clear at this point that Zack Snyder, the director, is dotting all his I's and crossing all his T’s to make sure fans get the movie they want. The new posters look like they could’ve come straight from the graphic novel itself. [Wired]

Ex-Rocker To Market A Line of Sex Toys

Apparently, Eurythmics mastermind Dave Stewart is taking a break from the music world and using his technical mind for marketing a high-end line of vibrators. The ‘80s legend has joined forces with sex toy manufacturer JimmyJane to put out a two hundred dollar basic chrome vibrator, and a two thousand dollar fake phallus featuring a base encircled with an "eternity band" of 28 round-cut black diamonds. [NY Post]

Guns n' Roses Leaker To Plead Guilty
The man accused of illegally posting nine tracks from the unreleased Guns n' Roses album Chinese Democracy on the internet has agreed to plead guilty in court. Assistant U.S. attorney Craig Missakian has stated that Kevin Cogill, 27, will enter his guilty plea to one federal count of copyright infringement at a hearing on December 8th. Good luck, dude. [NME]

Gmail Adds Video and Voice Chat

Google has expanded its webmail-based chat client, Gmail, to include video and voice chat much like Skype.   You can video chat with friends while texting them, which leaves them open to the always popular joke of talking about either the weather or what you had for lunch that day while you coyly type, “I’m not wearing any pants right now <3.” [Reuters]

NYPD Gets 141 MPG Hybrid Scooters


The Piaggio scooters that the NYPD has been using were all electric, but now they’re going to be mounted atop the new Piaggio line, which is a hybrid gas electric. It can operate in one of three different hybrid modes and (with its new gas engine) can lay down an astonishing 0-60 time of 5 seconds.  Even if it looks like it should be in the front of a grocery store to help old folks get around, the new Piaggio promises to be three wheels of justice. [Engadget]

U.S. Government Realizes US Automakers Need a Bailout Like, Right Friggin' Now

MSNBC is reporting President Bush is now seriously considering amending the $25 billion automaker low-interest loan guarantee program to allow the automakers to get the money right now and use it for whatever they need. The decision is being made because many economists say helping US automakers is a big part of preventing the economy from going even further into the hole. This comes a day after President-elect, Barack Obama (who has said an automaker bailout is one of the most important tasks to tackle as soon as possible) met with President Bush to discuss steps he'd like to see taken to prevent the Big Three from going under.  Which, according to CNBC's Jim Cramer (of Mad Money fame), would almost certainly lead to a Great Depression and a 10% unemployment rate. [MSNBC]

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