Top Shelf Tuesday - January 12

January 10, 2010

Tuesday is here, and you know what that means--it's time to start thinking about the latest hot releases. Luckily for you, we give you an all access pass to all things badass.

Source: Electronic Arts


Army of Two: The 40th Day, the sequel to one of the most addictive co-op shooters, will have you fighting your way through the ravaged city districts of Shanghai, China in an attempt to uncover the secret of the 40th Day. As you might expect, the process of "uncovering" this mystery is going to involve you and a buddy co-operatively using an arsenal of heavy weapons to blast the crap out of anyone who stands in your way, be it offline or online. Get ready for a bigger, better, more organic two-man tactical extravaganza!

Like it or not, it doesn't get any more official or Olympic than Vancouver 2010 - The Official Video Game of Olympic Winter Games. It says so right in the title. Vancouver 2010 takes a simulator-style approach to the intensity of the Winter Games, giving you the chance to compete events ranging from giant ski slaloms to high speed bobsleigh. If that's not enough, you and your friends can test of skills in one of the many challenge modes, which include events like "Smashing the Snowmen." If you want in on the action of the Olympic Winter Games, this is the cheapest front row seat in town!



Source: Summit Entertainment

Director Kathryn Bigelow’s new movie about Iraq is going down as one of the best movies ever made about the war. It’s also going down as one of the best movies to come out of 2009. You might be one of the pitiful souls who thought the better of going to it while it was in theaters, but now The Hurt Locker is on DVD so you can make up for your past transgressions against cinema. There aren’t a lot of extras – you’ll get a behind-the-scenes featurette, interviews with the writer and director and cast – but this isn’t a movie with lots of frills, bells, and whistles. This is a raw movie full of awesomeness.

Duncan Jones’ first feature, Moon, blew everyone away. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen a low budget sci-fi film like this, or even a big budget sci-fi film like this. It didn’t hurt that Sam Rockwell’s performance was top-notch, and in the event that you had the misfortune to miss this film while it was in theaters you can now own it on DVD. You’ll get a lot of pretty cool extras, too. The Making of Moon is an exciting 17-minute featurette, and you’ll also get Creating the Visual Effects, an 11-minute featurette. For those who want to peruse Jones’ past work, you’ll love that his short film Whistle is included. This is one DVD that keeps on giving.



Source: FRANCOIS GUILLOT/Getty Images

Contra is the second album by the critically-acclaimed indie outfit Vampire Weekend. The name of the album is set up in contrast with the triple album Sandinista!, the influential 1980 album by The Clash. In Nicaraguan history, the Contras were a loose federation of right-wing militant groups established in opposition to the Marxist militancy of the Sandinista National Liberation Front during the late 1970s and 1980s. This new VP record was produced by keyboardist Rostam Batmanglij and shows the group adding new textures, instrumentation, and rhythms into their sound. Contra is very unique, vibrant, and unmistakably Vampire Weekend. Get it.

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