The Top Nine Sexiest Celebrity Sports Fans

May 26, 2010

Not every sporting event is filled with chubby investment bankers using expensive seats as a means to get laid by aspiring actresses. Many arenas boast some incredibly attractive women who were able to purchase their own tickets with money they made by starring in mediocre romantic comedies. Here are nine of the sexiest.

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9. Jessica Alba, Golden State Warriors

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Much like every other basketball fan in Northern California, when the Golden State Warriors were on the verge of mediocrity in 2007, Jessica Alba was willing to high five anybody with a Monta Ellis jersey or Andris Biedrins paternity suit. Conversely, when the Warriors slipped back into the draft lottery abyss 12 months later, she nearly broke her perfectly tanned ankle jumping off the bandwagon in order to secure Los Angeles Lakers season tickets.


8. Carmen Electra, Cincinnati Bengals

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Before she was bouncing around Baywatch beaches or kicking it in divorce court with Dennis Rodman, Carmen Electra (born: Tara Leigh Patrick) was a Cincinnati Bengals fan in a depressing Ohio town that likely resembled the opening scenes of the film Invincible. Since moving to Hollywood, Electra has remained a Bengals fan (spurning the non-existent Los Angeles NFL franchise) and even showed support for the team's offseason program by getting arrested in 1999.


7. Beyoncé Knowles, Houston Rockets

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Granted, she’s never actually been called a devoted Houston Rockets fan, but Beyoncé regularly attends home games and looks insanely hot while doing so. Basically, that’s all that really matters.


6. Elisha Cuthbert, Los Angeles Kings

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Elisha Cuthbert has been a hands-on Los Angeles Kings fan ever since it became evident that adding “puck bunny” to her IMDb profile would help land roles like the slutty underage chick Luke Wilson sleeps with in Old School. She’s dated hockey players (like, a lot of them), written for, and reportedly has a working replica of the Staples Center scoreboard directly above her bedroom dresser.

Cuthbert also gets bonus points for being the subject of a hilarious pregame interview in which her ex-boyfriend (NHL washout Sean Avery) publicly asked her current boyfriend (future NHL washout Dion Phaneuf) what it felt like to taste his sloppy seconds every night.

5. Alyssa Milano, Los Angeles Dodgers

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As a lifelong baseball fan and recent inductee to the Cleat Chasers Hall of Fame, Alyssa Milano has sacrificed her heart, various body parts, and an exceptional amount of late night text messages to the game. She has been a Los Angeles Dodgers season ticket holder for years and even spent 2004 dating Oakland A’s pitcher Barry Zito in an effort to ruin his career just in case they had a World Series showdown with her favorite team. (And yes, Zito’s career went drastically downhill after dipping his bat in Milano’s dugout.)


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4. Ashley Judd, Kentucky Wildcats

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It takes a lot of humility and grace to cheer for a school that proudly boasts Ron Mercer and Antoine Walker on their list of distinguished alumni. Luckily, Judd has neither of these qualities and is more than happy to obnoxiously root for the bluegrass ballers every year they lie, cheat, and allegedly steal recruits for the NCAA Tournament. (But seriously, she looks really hot while doing it and rarely misses a game.)

3. Carrie Underwood, Dallas Cowboys

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Despite breaking up with aspiring Super Bowl participant Tony Romo to marry a C-list hockey player on a franchise that has been described as “surprisingly relevant” this year,  Carrie Underwood has remained a dedicated football fan and staunch supporter of her beloved Cowboys.

If Underwood was like most women, following her romantic split with Romo she would have become an Eagles fan, keyed the front door of Cowboys Stadium, and left 37 angry voicemails on the team’s ticket sales hotline accusing Kelly Clarkson of stealing her man.

2. Erin Andrews, Florida Gators

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When she’s not too busy getting filmed through hotel peepholes or competing in celebrity dance competitions, Erin Andrews can often be seen cheering for the Florida Gators during games that she is paid to objectively report on. The former Gainesville resident is one of the school’s most notable alumni and even volunteered to exploit her body on the dance team while enrolled in university.

1. Eva Longoria, San Antonio Spurs

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Eva Longoria has cheered for the single most boring basketball team on the planet ever since she was old enough to say “Why are the San Antonio Spurs ruining the NBA?” After marrying the team’s starting point guard in quite possibly the biggest "Seriously, this guy" moment in wedding history, Longoria has become the most recognizable Spurs fan in the world and the only reason to avoid immediately changing the channel when Manu Ginobili whimpers on the ground in pain after almost being touched by a defender.


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