College Football Players Prepare for Big Game by Burglarizing Teammate

October 21, 2010

Did you arrive at work today and find a slew of emails from old fraternity brothers saying “Hey, at least our football team is committing felonies like a Top 25 program”? Because that’s how my day started.

Arizona State University – yes, the school who brought you “creepy old guy grinding on a sorority girl" – made headlines again when two of their freshman players stole a teammate’s Xbox and laptop computer.

Fortunately, they did it right in front of the dormitory’s surveillance camera so their handiwork didn't go unnoticed.

The pair faces severe Dennis Erickson-style justice, so expect both students to miss at least seven minutes of pregame warm-ups while they sit in the corner of the end zone and think about what they’ve done.

(I take solace in the fact that current Heisman favorite Cam Newton was arrested for doing the same thing several years ago. So maybe this is just "part of the process"?)


Photo: ABC Phoenix