Repo’d! Best #RepoGames Fan Tweets From This Week

May 2, 2012

Got something funny to say about #RepoGames? Tweet it! We're putting our favorites on Spike in a future episode. Sure, the hosts and contestants on Repo Games are hilarious, but our favorite part of watching the show is seeing what you guys have to say on Twitter! Seriously.

Check out the most hilarious #RepoGames fan tweets from this week's crazy new episode "Jaeger and the Wheelbarrow." Again, be sure to hit Twitter next week during Repo Games  and your tweets could appear on-air in a future episode! What could be better than a brand new episode of Repo Games ? Answer: Nothing. Tune in on Tuesdays at 11:30pm and get yo Tweet on, people.

Repo Fans Tearin' It Up Yet Again:

@RainingOnU: This female on Repo Games has a plywood front door. She said if you get my car tooken.

@92Jeanette: Betty white, aint she dead - repo games #veryamusing

@frankus217: This is possibly the best thing to happen to television ever #repogames

@ThatNiggaPayne_: Really would lose my car on Repo Games.

@Sweet_DwnLow: when i watch repo games and people get their 3 questions wrong and get mad cause josh and tom take their car that is the funniest thing

@heyitschloee13: Repo games is the funniest show ever haha why have I never watched it before?:p literally peeing my pants cuz of these people's small minds.

@darkmiglio: Feeling pretty good about myself that I can answer all of the questions on Repo Games #repowned

@MzEBeautiful: Cant move REPO GAMES got me GLUED #FUNNY

@AwkwardLammie: I'm actually hooked on Repo games. Tom is fkn sexy #whitemancangetitall

@Jess_WentXO: Dear Repo Games, Thank you! :)

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Repo Games will always hold a special place in my heart <3