Winter NAMM Pictures brought to you by Jon Hammond powered by WebTV aka MSNTV

January 10, 2010

Winter NAMM Pictures brought to you by Jon Hammond powered by WebTV aka MSNTV *LINK: Winter NAMM 2010 Photos coming in a few days, be sure to drop by my set at the Hilton Hotel with Bernard Purdie on Friday night 11PM Jan. 15th on the Hilton-Muzeo Stage for a set of FSB Funk Soul Blues The traditional NAMM opening parade Leading the traditional NAMM opening parade was Larry "Link" Linkin (clarinet) and Sesame Street's Elmo. Mr. H. Ohno of Suzuki Corp. performing on-the-spot XB-2 repair of Jon Hammond's instrument Watching Mr. Ohno of Suzuki repair my Hammond XB-2 organ was like seeing the Beatles live for me! He said, "This organ was my first design." *and what a design! JJ GUITARS of England JOE BERGER with JJ GUITARS of England, handmade electric guitars built 8 miles from John Entwistle's castle. JIM MARSHALL creator of legendary MARSHALL AMPLIFIERS JOE BERGER & JON HAMMOND at opening day NAMM JON HAMOND & LEE OSKAR HAM-BERGER-FRIZ Records dinner with BERNARD PURDIE JON HAMMOND & MR. MASUO TERADA Suzuki Corp. WAICHIRO TACHIKAWA, JON HAMMOND, MASUO TERADA Suzuki Corp. Dott. RICCARDO FUSELLI & JON HAMMOND Manifatture Fuselli Italia KEVIN MAUDER (he plays louder!), ALEX, JON HAMMOND, JOE BERGER Albest Musical Instruments Taipei (P.Mauriat Saxophones) JON HAMMOND & HIRO OHNO *my hero! Designer of XB-2 Hammond Organ and other models! Suzuki Corp. (and XK-1, XK-3c, New B3, B3mk2, XB-1) JON HAMMOND & WAICHIRO TACHIKAWA Suzuki Corp. Another NAMM for JOE BERGER & JON HAMMOND (Ham-Berger) See you next year! and at Frankfurt Musikmesse! Winter NAMM, Anaheim, HammondCast, KYOU Radio, Jon Hammond, XK-3c, New B3, Organ, FSB, Funk Soul, Blues, Bernard Purdie, Joe Berger, Musikmesse

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