Mantenna – Arnold Schwarzenegger Attached to Terminator 5

April 27, 2011
Arnold Schwarzenegger is attached to star in Terminator 5, Kate Hudson is engaged, and Jay-Z’s favorite gal gets sued for $100 Million…the Mantenna is going back to the future!

Arnold Schwarzenegger Attached to Terminator 5

Source: Orion Pictures

According to Deadline, after eight years of being the Governator of California, 63-year-old Arnold Schwarzenegger is legitimately attached to a new Terminator project making the rounds in Hollywood as we speak. It’s being reported that Universal, Sony, Lionsgate, and CBS Films are all considering taking on the production tasks of a fifth Terminator feature. He told us he’d be back, people. Don’t act so surprised. [Deadline]

Kate Hudson is Engaged

It took an appearance with Matt Lauer of The Today Show for Kate Hudson to announce her engagement to Muse frontman Matthew Bellamy. The actress told Lauer she has been engaged for a couple of weeks, but thought it was strange to publicly announce it. She told Lauer, “This is new [showing off her engagement ring]. I’m engaged.” Hudson added, “I kind of felt like the announcing thing feels so silly and I was kind of waiting for somebody to notice.” Hudson and Belllamy have been dating for about a year and are expecting a child together. Hudson described Bellamy as “a beautiful man.” The two are not going to rush down the aisle, rather they’re going to focus “on the baby thing for a bit.” [New York Daily News]

Beyonce Sued for $100 Million

Photo: Marc Piasecki/GettyImages

According to reports, after apparently bailing on the creation of a "motion-sensing dance video" game, Beyoncé has been rocked with $100 million lawsuit. A summons was filed yesterday by software developer Gate Five LLC against Beyoncé and her company Beyoncé, Inc for supposedly backing out of the deal. According to the claim by Gate Five, Beyoncé "had already negotiated lavish compensation terms" to develop the Starpower: Beyoncé video game, but then suddenly "made an extortionate demand for entirely new compensation terms." This is gonna be interesting. [NBC]

The Inventor of the TelePrompTer Dies

The man who forever changed television and politics has died. Hubert “Hub” Schlafly invented the teleprompter in the late 1940s while working for 20th Century Fox. The former television engineer was asked by a studio exec to create something that could help actors remember their lines. This was something Schlafly thought would be “a piece of cake.” Soon after inventing the device, Schlafly quit Fox and created TelePrompTer Corp. CBS was the first network to purchase the device in 1950, using it on the set of the soap The First Hundred Years. The device was soon adopted by politicians, the first being President Herbert Hoover who used it to deliver a speech in 1952. Schlafly died in Connecticut after battling a brief illness. He was 91 years old. [Washington Post]