Shaquille O'Neal is Madly in Love with Flavor Flav's Leftovers

August 24, 2010

Tons of people watched the first season of Flavor of Love and thought “that chick sacrificing her dignity for a chance to sexually pleasure Chuck D’s hype man will make a great girlfriend one day.” Interestingly enough, Shaquille O’Neal was one of them.

The former NBA MVP is currently dating (and possibly engaged to) “Hoopz” – as she was affectionately called by Flavor Flav – after the two met earlier this year.

Sports by Brooks quotes an enthusiastic restaurant employee who said that while recently dining in St. Louis, O’Neal – six months removed from a rather expensive divorce – asked Hoopz to be his future second ex-wife.

“I think he may have proposed to his girlfriend. He brought a chair into the middle of the dance floor and he put a ring on her finger,” he claims.

Seems pretty credible.

At this point, neither camp has confirmed the rumor, though O’Neal and “Hoopz” have been seen gallivanting around Tennessee (her home state) over the offseason.

So, I guess Celtics fans can take comfort in knowing that the overweight aging liability they just signed to start at center also brings a messy divorce and brand new reality show fiancée to the table.

Maybe we can just give the Heat a pass to the finals…

Photo: Sports by Brooks