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Extra Point with Bill Bates

by spike.com   June 22, 2009 at 2:24PM  |  Views: 199

It's Game Day again for 4th and Long and coach Bill Bates has invited you inside the Cotton Bowl for his thoughts on the game, along with an exclusive look at tonight's episode.

Now, I hope everyone understands that this show is very difficult and competitive. Guys who have played the game understand what it takes be a great football player. It is the individual battles that you must win. You will not know which one play changes the game in a positive or negative way. It will only be afterwards that you will know. We had a challenge between Speedy and Ahmad! One-on-one battles between two good football players. It could have gone either way, but now we know. Do not look back on life and say, "I wish I would have prepared or worked harder." Look back and say "I prepared and did the best I could under the circumstances." The results will take care of themselves.

Tonight's episode includes one of my favorite players, Kelvin Martin. He was a difference-maker returning kicks. All he needed was a seam, and he would make something out of nothing. We always new that Kelvin would make a positive play for us.

For these players, special teams will be their ticket to make the team. Let us see how they do tonight.

Enjoy tonight's episode!


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