New Hipster Game: Throw Your iPhone Off a Roof. No, Seriously.

August 9, 2011

The iPhone may just be one of the most important devices of the last 10 years. It kicked off the smartphone revolution, paved the way for tablet computing, and finally got all those ass-ugly keyboards off of phones. But it's also been important in gaming and in hipsters doing dumb stuff with them...and finally, somebody has combined both.

Here's how you play the game, and this is serious:

- Find the highest building you can.
- Set the iPhone to record video
- Throw it off a roof
- Have a friend catch it in a blanket
- Upload the video to YouTube

Believe it or not, this is actually the beginnings of a marketing campaign for an app. Because they're pretentious and likely art students, they call them "antagonistic" apps and have a slogan along the lines of "asking you to take risks with things you value." So, it's basically Jackass only nobody is actually risking their life and limb, just the status symbol/toy they've invested so much in emotionally instead of a person.

Let's revise the game a little: instead of chucking a $200 piece of electronics off a roof to prove some point only you care about, why don't these guys jump off the roof instead? That way, they're taking a real risk, and no matter what happens, the rest of us win. Although if he lands right, maybe he can take out his friend with the blanket. Double victory!

Photo:Daniel Barry/Getty Images News/Getty Images