Some Viking Facts

May 29, 2009

On Deadliest Warriors: Viking vs Samurai, yes the samurai won but not by much. The samurai's discipline help them out alot yes, but it doesn't mean that the samurai is a far greater warrior than the viking. NO, the viking and the samurai are equal warriors because of several reason. One, the viking culture, aka the Norseman culture, is only a few decades young than the ancient egyptian. How do I know this because historians found ancient egyptian records on a group of people who said came from the north in boats shaped like dragons. Also they found egyptian gold in the oldest viking burial mound too. Second, is that the viking face warriors from Irland to the westren parts of China, where the samurai only face warriors from China, Korea, and Mougolia. Lastly is that the viking has the same amount of honor as the samurai because viking alway repected warrior even if you were their enemy. Also kill women and child was never allowed, but there were viking how didn't follow that rule just like the samurai. Hell in some case the samurai kill women and child just for fun and that one of the reason ninjas were formed. Where the vikings would spare them because of there laws. There are some reason why vikings and samurais are equal warriors.

Well I was not happy with the viking experts and the samurai experts on the show because both warriors teach to repect fellow warriors and both experts didn't follow that honor.