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Mantenna - Wednesday, November 18

by spike.com   November 18, 2009 at 9:00PM  |  Views: 188

Leighton Meester sexes it up for GQ, Call of Duty might be heading to the big screen, and Janet Jackson opens up about Michael's drug abuse...Mantenna for the epic win!

Source: Michael N. Todaro/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Leighton Meester Spreads Legs for GQ

Leighton Meester has sexed it up for the recent issue of GQ magazine. The Gossip Girl star appears in a sexy spread, wearing a leather corset, lingerie, and her best smoldering, sexy look. In one naughty pic she sits on a sofa chair, totally spread eagle. In the accompanying article Meester is labeled “Obsession of the Year,” revealing how a lot of guys tell her watching Gossip Girl is their dirty little secret, that’s she’s a “guy’s girl” and how a particular scene in GoodFellas is the “sexiest thing” ever. [GQ]

Kirstie Alley Starts Feud with Conan

Kirstie Alley is back on television, staring in a reality television show were she tries to lose some weight (déjà vu, anyone?). Anyway, the former Cheers star is furious with Conan O’Brien for his repeated fat jokes, usually at Alley’s expense. In a Twitter-off with (the formerly fat) Star Jones, Alley tweets, “WHAT!!!! SOMEONE OUT THERE "ACTUALLY" MAKES FUN OF FAT CELEBRITIES? NOOOOOOO!!!!! I'M SHOCKED!!!! Lol.” She then adds, “I'll tell you ONE BITCH I'm gonna knck [sic] out next time I see her is CONAN O'BITCH O'BRIAN..that guy acts like I bit his dick off.” Conan should be scared...very scared! [Huffington Post]

Five Famous Last Status Updates

Now that pretty much everyone in the industrialized world is on Facebook, almost everything someone does is marked with a status update.  But what if famous events in history, like the dropping of the bomb on Nagasaki or, say, the assassination of President Kennedy were recorded on Facebook?  CollegeHumor wondered about this very question, and the results are predictably juvenile...and hilarious. [CollegeHumor]

Call of Duty Might be Heading to the Big Screen

The Call of Duty video games have made a big splash, and so it’s only natural that they’re going to be followed up by a movie. Kevin McKidd, the guy who does the voice of Captain “Soap” MacTavish, said, regarding whether he would be in the movie, “If the script is good, and Gerard [Butler] isn’t available, then absolutely.” Modern Warfare fanboys everywhere, rejoice. [First Showing]

Zack Snyder Gets a Cast for Guardians of Ga’Hoole

Zack Snyder is putting together an animated 3D adaptation of the children’s book series Guardians of Ga’Hoole. Now it’s looking like he’s put together a pretty impressive cast of actors to do the voices. Geoffrey Rush, Hugo Weaving, David Wenham, Helen Mirren, and Abbie Cornish have all signed on. Hugh Jackman was part of the project at one point but has recently been reported to have dropped it. The story focuses on a barn owl called Soren who gets abducted into an organization that trains young owls to fight as soldiers. Sounds like pretty trippy stuff, as well as a major change of genre for Snyder. [/Film]

Janet Jackson Says Michael Was 'In Denial' About Drug Abuse


Source: Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

Janet Jackson has said she recognized her brother Michael's drug problem and even tried to help him. Although Janet said that MJ didn’t allow her attempts to intervene. "You can't make 'em drink the water," Jackson told ABC News in an interview. When asked if her brother was in denial about his addiction, she replied, "Possibly." "I wish he could answer this question for you and not me," she told ABC's Robin Roberts. "I felt that he was in denial." [MSNBC]

Finally...A Dating Site for Beautiful People Only

Most everyone under the age of 30 has dabbled in online dating at one point or another, only to give up when faced with the reality of the poseurs and undesirables standing before them. But all that changes thanks to the geniuses at BeautifulPeople.com, the first dating site guaranteed to screen out the uglies. Where do we sign up? [Just A Guy Thing]

Erin Andrews Peep Show Stalker's Arrest Does Not Make ESPN Top Plays

Earlier today the man who followed ESPN anchor Erin Andrews around the country while filming her naked through the peephole of her hotel room (a popular American pastime) was officially charged with interstate stalking. The charges, which sound like some sort of Stone Temple Pilots' song, could lead to serious prison time where the uncomfortable nudity will likely not be filmed. [TMZ]

Google-Branded Phone is Actually Real?

TechCrunch is hearing some interesting talk about a true Google Phone: Not just an Android device, but a phone designed top-to-bottom by Google to fulfill their dream of exactly what Android can be. We've heard rumors like this before, but this time there are a few distinct elements that seem credible. Basing this on Michael Arrington's article, it points to an outsider-made but Google-dictated device, sort of like how Microsoft's first Zune was actually made by Toshiba. Here's hopin'. [TechCrunch]

Hackers Inspired by 60 Minutes Story Hack Brazil's Power Gride

A week ago, 60 Minutes featured a story claiming that hackers had caused power outages in Brazil. While this assertion is now believed to be in error, hackers were actually inspired by the story actually to do what was claimed. Last Thursday, they broke into ONS, the operator of Brazil's power grid and brought it to its knees. How's that for irony?! [Google]

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