Mantenna - Stephen King Gives Us a Taste of His Sequel to The Shining

September 27, 2011
Stephen King gives George Mason University a taste of his Shining sequel, scientists discover a new species of Hadrosaur, and rapper Petey Pablo gets sentenced to 35 months in prison… the Mantenna's not gonna hurt ya, it's just gonna bash your brains in. It's gonna bash them right the f*** in!

Stephen King Gives George Mason University a Taste of His 'Shining' Sequel

Photo: Jeffrey Vock/Stringer/Getty Images Entertainment

The horror writer's immortal evil classic "The Shining" has been a terrifying addition to any book shelf and it's time to start making room for its sequel to sit right beside it. King read a portion of his upcoming novel "Doctor Sleep," a sequel that looks at the life of the boy from the first novel with the remarkable "shining" abilities that helped him escape his father's murderous rampage. These days, Danny Torrence works in a hospice and he uses his psychic abilities to help suffering patients pass away in peace until a gang of energy sucking vampires get in his way. A face in the crowd caught a video of the author reading a selected chapter from the upcoming book and it's just as creepy as the dark part of your brain would imagine it to be. []

Scientists Discover New Species of Hadrosaur

Just when you thought dinosaurs couldn't be cooler than they already are, they surprise you long after you've dug them up. A group of palaeontologists digging near the Red Willow River in Northern Alberta came across a new species of hadrosaur, a herbivore that ran in packs, over 22 years ago and scientists have now confirmed that the find is an unclassified species. The extinct animal doesn't have a name yet, but one will by chosen by 2013. The truly remarkable part of the find isn't just its unidentified classification, but also its location. "Where it is found is perhaps the most important part of this discovery," Palaeontologist Phil Bell said. "Because most of what we know about hadrosaurs in Canada comes from southern Alberta. This is the northern-most skeleton of hadrosaur found in Alberta." [CBC]

Rapper Petey Pablo Sentenced to 35 Months in Prison

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According to reports, rapper Petey Pablo has been sentenced to almost three years in federal prison in his hometown of North Carolina following a guilty plea to possessing a stolen firearm. Earlier today, the U.S. Attorney's Office stated that the MC will spend 35 months behind bars. For those of you that don’t know, Pablo was arrested last year while attempting to get through security with a stolen loaded gun at Raleigh-Durham International Airport. Nedless to say, he was not successful. These rappers seriously never learn [TMZ]