Jennifer Hudson Lip-Synched at the Super Bowl

February 2, 2009

Almost every person on planet earth has heard something about Jennifer Hudson's amazing national anthem performance before last night's Super Bowl game. The one thing most of us may not know about is the fact that Hudson delivered the classic anthem with the help of a backing track.

The show's producer, American Idol music director Ricky Minor, recently told the Associated Press that, at his request, Hudson lip-synched the anthem to a previously recorded track.

Via AP:

Although entertainers can perform live, Minor insisted that Hudson and Faith Hill, who sang "America the Beautiful" before the national anthem, use the tracks the NFL requires them to submit a week before the game. "That's the right way to do it," Minor said. "There's too many variables to go live. I would never recommend any artist go live, because the slightest glitch would devastate the performance."

Since when did singers 'have to' have a backing track during a live perfomance? What the f*** is the world coming to? Why even have her 'perform' in the first place? What a burn.

In Hudson’s defense, I will admit that may have been the best lip-synch job ever thrown down on live TV.

Photo: Paul Spinelli/ Getty Images