New Study Reveals the Extent of Guys' Perviness

August 3, 2009

New research has revealed the amount of time guys spend each day perving on the opposite sex. The results will surprise you.

The British study shows that men spend around 43 minutes a day gawking at the opposite sex and will give the old up-and-down to about 10 women a day. That adds up to 259 hours or almost 11 days each year. So from the ages of 18 to 50, the average man will spend almost an entire year of his life indulging in some eye candy.

Women are also guilty of sizing up the opposite sex, though not as much as men. The research shows that women ogle about six guys a day and on average spend about 20 minutes a day getting their man fix.

Mark Ireland, a spokesman for Kodak Lens Vision Centers, which carried out the poll, said, "A year of their life is a long time to spend with their eyes fixed on the opposite sex. However, men have their work cut out if they are going to impress a woman as they spend half the amount of time gazing at guys." I think Mr. Ireland missed the point. We guys aren’t trying to impress, we just want to take in the view.

Do you think the study is correct? How many women, on average, would you gawk at on any given day?

Source: Digital Vision/Getty Images