Amanda Beard Gets Naked, Olympics Officially Heats Up

August 7, 2008


US Olympic swimmer Amanda Beard has taken off her swimsuit and posed naked again. This two-time gold medalist is wearing her birthday suit and a pair of swimming goggles for animal rights group PETA. She appears in shallow water, holding her breasts infront of an incorrectly hung American flag for a print commercial with the tagline “Be Comfortable in Your Own Skin. Don’t Wear Fur”.

The print ad was suppose to be unveiled at a press conference overlooking the Olympics swimming arena in Beijing yesterday, until Chinese officials shut it down due to “safety concerns”. When asked if she had any regrets posing nude (which she’s done numerous times before) she replied "No. I'd much rather go naked than ever put a dead animal on my body."

I wouldn’t be surprised if she swam naked.