Yeah, We've Wanted to Do This To an ATM for Years

August 26, 2011

ATMs are convenient, but evil. Think about it. In “American Psycho”, did Patrick Bateman have his computer or his pager or his VCR demand to be fed a kitten? No, no they didn't. Even yuppie serial killers know how evil these things are.

Amid all the frustration they cause, what with eating your card, or your cash, or your paycheck, it's nice to see somebody stand up for the little guy. In this case, an unidentified British woman was the one doing the standing, and by “standing” we mean “walloping the circuits right out of an ATM.”

We don't know exactly what this ATM did to bring down this anonymous woman's high-heeled wrath. All we know is that she whips off her shoe and goes to town on it. If one of these mechanized frustration machines hadn't eaten our card this morning, we'd almost feel bad, but it did, so we're glad she really wound up and gave it a full stiletto's worth.

Sadly, this hero is currently being sought by police for damaging private property. Somehow, we think she's going to be allowed to slip through their fingers. Just a guess.

Photo: Patrick Sheandell O'Carroll/PhotoAlto Agency RF Collections/Getty Images