'The Walking Dead' Proves There's 'No Going Back' In The Season 2 Finale

August 29, 2014

No Going Back is the tenth episode of TellTale's The Walking Dead series that tells the harrowing story of Clementine, a little girl that's just trying to survive the zombie apocalypse. If you've made it all the way through Season 1 and to the end of Season 2, then you already know just how difficult Clementine's world is, but No Going Back really drives things home. The last episode of Season 2 is the culmination of everything that has happened on Clem's journey so far, both good and bad (but mostly bad). Season 2 ends with players being faced with some of the most difficult decisions of the series, which are guaranteed to have long-term effects when Season 3 starts up.

Developer: Telltale Games
Publisher: Telltale Games

TellTale brings Season 2 to a bittersweet end in No Going Back. Everything that has happened in Amid the Ruins, In Harm's Way, A House Divided, and All That Remains comes to a head in the cold, winter snow of this final episode. Season 1 was critically acclaimed for its emotional storytelling, and after playing through another ten hours of Clementine's tale of survival, it's clear that there is no sophomore slump for this series. No Going Back brings the emotional rollercoaster of The Walking Dead's second season to a breathtaking end in a way that only TellTale can.

Amid The Ruins ended on one of The Walking Dead's biggest cliffhangers, with Clementine and her group in a standoff with a group of Russians, guns drawn, in a circle around and walker holding a baby. In terms of precarious situations, that was clearly one of the most extreme in the series, but Clem and her group manage to work their way out of it at the beginning of this episode. They even manage to find a brief respite before things really come to a head. Clementine finds herself in the middle of a series of tough choices (as per usual), where she must decide who her real friends are, and what path she is going to choose with them. The outcome of the season and Clementine's future depends on the choices that the player makes. Choosing to use their best judgment to parse who is most likely acting in Clementine's best interest, or just go with characters they like the most is up to you. Either way, Clementine is (probably) going to make it - she's a survivor.

No Going Back is already out on just about every platform it needs to be: PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PS Vita and iOS. Just remember if you are looking to complete the season with "your" Clementine, you need to continue on the same platform as all of your other save files. If you've already adopted the next generation consoles, fear not, all of Season 2 will be coming to the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 very soon.

Like all good season finales, No Going Back has all of the elements of a good story. Episode 5 brings the events of Season 2 to a head, something explosive happens, it provides some level of closure, and leaves you with a little teaser of what's to come in the next season - it even has a couple of surprises. Depending on the choices that you made throughout the game, your outcome is likely to be different from other players, making "your" Clementine truly her own woman. While she is still quite young, Clementine is a survivor, and one of the strongest video game characters to come along in a very long time.

As Season 2 of The Walking Dead comes to a close, its ending reinforces how deserving the series is to sit alongside both the comic and the TV show of the same name. No matter what medium you choose to enjoy Robert Kirkman's walker-filled universe, The Walking Dead tells the story of people doing whatever it takes to survive in a messed up world. Each version does an exceptional job at making their respective characters relatable, bringing a sense of humanity to a seemingly outlandish setting. Clementine is no exception. She is such a strong character in this world, and anyone that has dabbled in The Walking Dead franchise really needs to play the game to truly appreciate the story from this angle. Season 2 is a terrific compliment to Season 1, and hopefully TellTale can keep Season 3 on this same trajectory.