This is the Most Awesome Thing Ever Created with MS Paint

January 19, 2010

With every release of the Windows operating system, Microsoft has included Paint, the laughably archaic doodling program which is mostly used to create stick figures when one has exhausted all other forms of entertainment. Now, an incredibly dedicated artist known only as "Scorpion Gold" who has spent the last four years creating an MS Paint masterpiece has decided to share his work with the world. The results are flat-out astonishing.

Though the author openly admits that he did not work on the painting every single day over the course of those four years, it's obvious that a crazy amount of work has gone into creating this labor of love.

Weighting in at a resolution of 8883 X 7636 pixels, or 7.5 x 8.2 feet, this man has created an entire twisted world filled with dragons, foreboding castles, pirate ships, airplanes, volcanoes, wizards, and sooooo much more. It's like Where's Waldo? had a baby with an Iron Maiden album cover.


Source: Gizmodo